Dennis’ Barber Shop Has the Best Straight Razor Shave in NYC.

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A Dude-Friendly Salon

Dennis’ Barber Shop in New Hyde Park is your premier destination for a laid-back, yet perfectly close shave. Specializing in shaves, this grooming errand will become so much more. This is the place to land for the perfect pamper — while still feeling masculine.

Unwind with a whiskey and get comfortable in our leather chairs as you experience the best shave you can find in NY!

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Experience A Traditional Barbers Shave

Forget trying to get a close shave at home. Even if you do have the latest and greatest at-home razor, it pales in comparison to a traditional barbers shave. When you’re in the barber’s chair here, you’ll get the ultimate treatment, hot towel and all.

There’s just something about a shave at a barbershop — a straight razor removes layer after layer of dead skin cells, which couples as an exfoliation treatment! If you’re one to struggle with in-grown hairs and razor bumps, a shave at Dennis’ Barber Shop will give you amazing skin!

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Hassle-Free Shaves

How much time do you schedule into your day to relax? When you make an appointment at Dennis’ Barber Shop, you create a window of time to simply relax — if only for an hour! At the end of the day, you’ll walk out with a hassle-free shave that looks and feels amazing, while feeling rejuvenated afterward!

Forget the ol’ shave and shower at home, and give your mug a little bit of extra attention that it deserves. Did we mention we have whiskey?!

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Book Your Next Shave With Dennis’ Barber Shop In New Hyde Park

With talented and skilled barbers that know their way around a hot towel and straight razor, the chair you’ll want to be in is ours! Get the closest shave and re-energize your skin with a shave at Dennis’ Barber Shop today.

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