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Grooming Trends for Men in 2021

The pandemic has changed men’s lives and grooming patterns dramatically. However, now that things are headed back to normal, men need a barber for all their grooming needs as they enter into their new normal routines. Dennis Barbershop is here to help you look and feel great with the top grooming tips for men in 2021! Make your appointment today to get your new haircut.

Man with long hair

Men’s Hair Styles of 2021

Men have been embracing their natural hair in 2021. Many men didn’t cut their hair, and instead let it grow out. Some did the opposite and embraced cutting their hair short on their own. Here are the hairstyles men should try out in 2021:

  • Long Hair - Some men have grown out their hair and realize they look great in long hair. Some even realized they had curly hair or can grow their hair into an afro. We can help you style your newfound hairstyle and make sure it is staying healthy.

  • Medium-Length Hair - Some men have grown to prefer a slightly shorter length since it can be easier to maintain. This still allows them to keep the look and feel of long hair without some of the hassle.

  • Short-Length Hair - Haircuts like the buzzcut have been around for a long time. This and other short styles are great for easy maintenance and a classic look.

  • No Hair - A lot of men have decided to try out a bald look from the safety of their homes, and are now choosing to stick with their new favorite look!

No matter what your preferred style is, our team of expert barbers can help to enhance your style for any occasion.

Man washing face

Men’s Skin Care in 2021

During the lockdown, men have also taken an interest in maintaining the health of their skin. For those who want to ensure that their skin stays young and healthy, you can follow these tips:

  • Wet your face with water

  • Use a facial cleanser and slightly glide over your face without harshly rubbing the skin

  • Rinse out the cleanser with water

  • Dry your face by tapping it with a towel — don’t ever rub your skin as it can cause acne

  • Apply a moisturizing cream to your face to replace the natural oils you washed out

For further tips and a personal shave and facial scrub, visit our New York barbershop today!

Man with long beard

Men’s Facial Hair Styles of 2021

Men have also let their facial hair grow to its full potential in the last year. Visit Dennis Barbershop for the right style for you, whether it’s time for a trim or complete shave. In the meantime, here are some facial hairstyles that look great on a variety of men:

  • Full-length Beards - A full beard can look great on men, but requires regular maintenance so that you don’t look too scruffy (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

  • Medium-Length Beards - Some men look better in a beard that’s shorter than a long beard. These beards will require detailing and regular trimming to keep the proper shape and style.

  • Short-Length Beards - Short beards, like stubble or a goatee, can look great and are easy to maintain.

  • Clean Shave - You can’t go wrong with a clean shave. If you’ve had a full beard for years, a clean shave may shock people in just the right way!

Our barbers can offer you a great shave or beard trim that will fill you with confidence and bring out your best look.

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Men’s grooming has reached a point it never has before as men are trying out both natural and new styles. If you need help deciding what’s best for you, then head to Dennis Barbershop in Hyde Park, New York. You can set up an appointment on our website or call: (516) 231-9636. Get the help you need by trying out a new style in 2021.