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Beard Care 101

Want to pull off the beard you’ve always dreamed of? It takes some work to maintain a great beard, as well as beard trims from a barbershop like Dennis Barbershop in New Hyde Park. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing our guide for caring for your beard between trips to the barbershop. After you get the hang of it, beard grooming can be easy--you just have to keep up with it. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d like a bear trim and personalized grooming advice, schedule an appointment at our hair salon for men.

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Wash Regularly

Beards can get dirty, and just like every part of your body, it’s important to keep things clean. Crumbs and other debris can get stuck in there, especially if you have a long, thick beard. Give your beard special attention and wash it at least two to three times a week. There are specific cleansing products for beards, and if you’re interested in different products, talk with one of our barbers.

Condition With Beard Oil

Beard oil keeps your beard hydrated and conditioned, which gives you a soft and shiny look. Beard oil also moisturizes the skin beneath your beard, reducing itchiness and flaking. Using beard oil is relatively easy. Simply pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and then massage the oil into the base of your beard. Work your hands through your beard until you’ve reached all the way to the underlying skin. Your beard can be dry or damp for this, but not wet. Apply beard oil daily or every other day. If you notice your beard getting greasy, apply less often.

Get Regular Beard Trims

You can trim your beard yourself or visit a barbershop for beard trims, but you’ll need to give your beard a trim every few weeks to keep it looking its best. As you trim, be sure to follow the natural contour of your face and keep a rounded shape. You’re looking to remove split ends and give your beard a uniform look. Less is more, and if you trim too much in one spot, trim the whole thing back to make sure your beard is even. If you’re worried about ending up with an uneven beard, just schedule a beard trim at a local hair salon for men, like Dennis Barbershop.

Train Your Beard

While a beard trim maintains shape, you can also keep your beard looking its best by using a comb or beard brush to train the hairs to fall exactly where you want them. You also add a styler for extra hold.

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